The TeSLA project provides to educational institutions, an adaptive trust e-assessment system for assuring e-assessment processes in online and blended environments. It will support both continuous and final assessment to improve the trust level across students, teachers and institutions The system will be developed taking into account quality assurance agencies in education, privacy and ethical issues and educational and technological requirements throughout Europe.

TeSLA system will follow the interoperability standards for integration into different learning environment and it will be developed to reduce the current restrictions of time and physical space in teaching and learning, which opens up new opportunities for learners with physical or mental disabilities as well as respecting social and cultural differences.

Given the innovative action of the project, the current gap in e-assessment and the growing number of institutions interested in offering online education, the project will conduct large scale pilots to evaluate and assure the reliability of the TeSLA system.

greets from finland

Transnational Meeting in Finland. June 15-16, 2016

After an interesting and productive five months journey the TeSLA partners gathered in Jyväskylä, Finland for a two-day meeting in the mid-June. About 40 people from eleven countries got to enjoy the best of Finnish summer weather from the pouring rain…


Planning the first phase of the pilots

TeSLA project is now starting work on the planning of the pilots, whilst at the same time the technical teams continue to work on the implementation of the TeSLA tools. The pilots are intended to help to develop the use of the tools in university conte…

Privacy elearning

The privacy in an e-Learning process

TeSLA aims to put in place a system which allows the students to present their exams without any face-to-face meeting with the professors. This will give the advantage to avoid useless travel and to reduce the constraints for students who don’t have th…


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